I've been posing as a serious writer since age five.

I've been posing as a serious writer since age five.

Select Accolades:

  • Cannes Lions

  • The Clio Awards

  • The Smarties

  • SABRE Awards

  • PRWeek US

Select Clients: 

  • Cadwalader

  • Excedrin

  • Simple Skincare

  • Stella Artois

  • UBS

It's me, Yimin (“E-min”).

I created a blog in college to review all 30+ flavors of the local ice cream stand in a month. This meant eating an ice cream a day—sometimes two. 

Let’s not dwell too long on the health repercussions of doing so. Instead, let’s focus on the storytelling implications of this self-inflicted—I mean, self-started—project:

  • I will see projects through to the end.

  • I give my all to every project.

  • I capture attention. (See coverage here and here.)

  • I can make any topic engaging, even Grape-Nuts.

  • I am very open to food writing opportunities, especially if sampling is involved. (Too bad influencers weren’t a thing yet in 2012!)

Sadly, Tumblr has shut down the blog due to inactivity—it was just a summer thing!—but you can get a taste, pun intended, of what I wrote in the articles covering it.

After college, I landed at Thinkso Creative, where I helped financial, legal, and medical institutions sound likable and human. 

Then I went to Weber Shandwick, where I made people’s lives better with over-the-counter drugs and even won some awards for doing so. 

And then I packed my bags and moved to Stockholm because I fear complacency. Now I’m at Rebtel, where I connect immigrants abroad with their families back home.

Let's be friends, coffee buds, or coworkers! Or just acquaintances, that's cool too.  
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