KCG: Finance Can Be Fun

When you're the agency-of-record for an electronic trading firm (read: finance), you get to work on marketing collateral for all their fun, fancy events. 

Tasting Card.jpg

Coffee Tasting Card

KCG hosted a coffee tasting for great minds in the industry. They wanted a tasting card that would speak to both the event and the attendees. 

Cocktail Card

KCG created a bespoke cocktail for their BondPoint platform (which, as the name suggests, trades bonds). They asked us to name the cocktail while staying true to the ingredients. 



Office Signage

After moving to their new office in lower Manhattan, KCG asked us to create relevant but fun signage to liven up the space. 

2014 Holiday Party Signage

The theme for KCG’s 2014 holiday party was “a star in world markets.” The event was structured like a market, with these double-decker signs over every food and activity station.

P.S. The Bumbys were the star event during this holiday party. They are a silent duo that types out appraisals of people's appearances on their typewriters. I kid you not.