Flonase: Be Greater Than Allergies

Meet Flonase, an allergy relief like never before. It'll help you be greater than your allergies. 

My AD and I evolved Flonase's online social presence for the product's transition from prescription to over-the-counter. Our work helped the brand surpass its projected revenue by a shocking $70 million.

AD: Brianne Logan

Launching Sensimist

To introduce new Flonase Sensimist, my AD and I created the "mist-ical relief" concept to highlight its mist format and unbelievable benefits. (Please message me to see the concept deck.)

Noticing the increased trend of allergies on Twitter during peak allergy season, we launched with the first-ever disappearing hashtag to show how Flonase Sensimist is going to make allergies a thing of the past.