Excedrin: Works

Migraines can be seriously debilitating, but most people think that they're "just headaches." We decided to show them the impact of migraines at work—literally.  Because in workplaces, migraine sufferers don't just deal with the pain and symptoms of the condition, they also face judgement from coworkers and managers.

We told the personal stories of three hard-working migraine sufferers: how migraines have affected their work, how others have responded, and ultimately, how they found relief. Then, inspired by their experiences, we created 360º VR videos to show others what it's really like to have migraines at work.

Best of all, we were able to provide relief for migraine sufferers, from the pain, the symptoms, and the misunderstanding.

CD: Hamilton Tamayo
ACD: Sanna Lengholm
ACD: Isak Landaboure
AD: Kevin Do


41% lift in brand favorability in our target audience
38% increase in branded searches for Excedrin
375 million earned media impressions
22% increase in sales year-over-year (the highest of any GSK brand)


2018 North America SMARTIES Award 360 Degree Video (Gold)
2018 Global SMARTIES Award 360 Degree Video (Bronze)
2018 Shorty Award 360 Video (Shortlist)
2018 Shorty Award Most Creative Use of Technology (Shortlist)

360º VR Videos

Take a look for yourself at what it's like when a migraine strikes, on the scene of an accident or in the middle of bustling restaurant kitchen.


Social Videos

Taking the stories we had, we created shorter, "snackable" cuts of tips and advice from these migraine sufferers to help others struggling with migraines.